About the Bowen Technique



Bowen is a holistic form of body work in which gentle and precise moves, performed over the muscles and connective tissue, balance the body and activate the body's natural ability to heal itself.


Instead of only treating the area of concern, because the body works as a whole integrated unit, Bowen treats both the body as a whole, and the area of concern. By working on the body this way, Bowen treats the cause of the problem and the symptom itself.

There are frequent and important pauses between sets of moves, giving the body time to benefit from each set.


Bowen is suitable for everybody from the newborn to the elderly and amazing results are often achieved after only a few treatments, even for chronic complaints.


Please refer to the Bowen Treatments page to read about the many conditions that Bowen can help.

Bowen was founded in Australia by the late Tom Bowen, who discovered that making small and gentle movements on specific points on the body will result in a healing response.











Every Body is Better with Bowen







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